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ASGHKLGFTH, HET. Oh my goddess, I can do that? However, it's freakishly long, 18934 words (broken into two parts). I AM incapable of keeping my mouth shut. XD

Authors: cry_oh_zadkiel & okami_hu

Author's note: I'm not quite sold on the ending, but it can be changed. I'd like to hear your opinions.

I mean it.

Let your instincts guide youCollapse )
20th-Nov-2011 04:19 am - Clone Wars, PG, "Ne félj"
Bash és Simmer csak két random klón, nem canon karakterek.

Angst, ezerrelCollapse )
No probs
I wrote this back in 2007, as a trade for a KH/Ouran High drabble.

My heart, why would I need that?Collapse )
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